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The Riftwalker Chronicles
Urban Fantasy Fiction // Summer 2014 Release

Imagine a world where creativity, inspiration, and ingenuity no longer exist. Imagine a world where there are no more movies, no more music, and no more books. This is the fate that threatens the world of college student William Dane. In order to stop it, he must find a way to bridge the gap between the magical world of Patria Immortal and the world of reality. Without that bridge, everything that inspires humanity ceases to exist.

William must find a way, but will it be too great a cost for one college-aged kid to pay?
D&D Forgotten Realms Fanfic // Available Here Only

Ruria Hammerfall grew up in the shadows of Citadel Adbar, following in the footsteps of her father. However, when fate takes hold and she finds herself swept away down the Black Road and across the face of the world to the city of Luskan. It is here she finds her calling. It is here her story truly begins.

For it is here that legends are made.
The Journey of Excalibur
Book One: A Blacksmith's Devotion
Arthurian Fiction // Summer 2015 Release

The first of a seven-part serial of novels detailing the origin of Excalibur, as well as its long journey to the hands of Arthur. Everyone knows the story of Excalibur and how it changed the life of one boy -- but what about all the other lives that Excalibur came into contact with to get there? Through the eyes of the people, Excalibur learns just what it is to be king and what it takes to rule.
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  1. Letters Home #7

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    letters-home-cover-214x300To: Lord Brunt, Clan Blackiron
    Citadel Adbar, Faerun

    From:  Ruria Hammerfall
    Luskan, Faerun

     My Lord:

    I write to you today to send my heartfelt thanks for the generosity of an escort for my latest purchase from Citadel Adbar.  As always, the craftsmanship of my brethren is unmatched and the armor itself is magnificent.  The additions and enhancements that were added, I’m sure I owe to your continued care for my well-being, so I extend my gratitude for that as well.  Rest assured, I will feel more than safe between this and Constance’s protection.

    I know that I mentioned that we were clearing a parcel of land that was gifted to us by the church, and it is my intent to build a Dwarven Embassy.  After the attack on you and your shield-brothers, I feel that the city of Luskan is no longer safe for our people.  I would rest easier knowing that you and any others that travel here have a haven where you are well-guarded.  Something we might want to consider is that this particular parcel of land is near the sea, of course, but I’m wary of building a port near Luskan as the Captains of the city would most likely take umbrage.

    Perhaps we might consider cutting them some manner of payment, if they allowed us to operate a port system of our own.  At least this way they’re garnering their profit, but we maintain some matter of autonomy from the city itself.  As you have most likely learned by now, I am a self-reliant woman.  I would like the Embassy to be equally as self-sufficient.

    While I have your attention, however, I would ask after another matter.  The metal samples I sent back to Citadel Adbar after my latest venture, their quality, and if the Citadel feels it is worth putting together an expedition to cross into that other realm to further garner resources from it.  However, I feel it only fair to warn you that the creatures there are dangerous, so please be sure that whomever you send is prepared for that.

    Dawn approaches and I should be on-hand to help Brother Donovan with the morning mass.  As always, I work to bring honor and credit to Citadel Adbar and the light of Lathander to all.  May the Morninglord watch over you.

    With Regards,

    Ruria Hammerfall

  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Fictionalized!

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    I feel like I’ve run the topic of my battle with auto-immunity into the ground for most people, even though there are only a handful of posts about it on this blog.  It’s been a rough journey that’s gotten even rougher in the past few months as every pain regimen we’ve tried ends up in failure.  My daily life has been severely hampered.  I can no longer drive.  I can’t even clean my own house.  I can’t even manage to open a bottle of water on my own.  After 30-some-odd years of independence, this downturn of events has left me with a lot of resentment, not to mention the mood swings and depression that come along with the pain and the glut of medicine that I have to take on a daily basis.

    However, after a lot of thought and a lot of talking among my friends, I came to the realization that writing is my lifeblood.  Writing makes me happy.  While my pain and my current mental state keep me from doing the things I’d like to do presently with my novel work, I should take these experiences, these feelings, and these raw emotions and channel them into something.  So, to that end, I came up with the idea of fictionalizing my journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    The Siege of Arey

    The City of Arey is in shambles after rumors reach the populace that Queen Elisaire is raising the taxes and dismantling the People’s Army. Rather than substantiate the rumors, the people rebel and lay siege to the castle at the heart of the city, trapping the Queen and a handful of her most trusted advisors within. Will the Queen be able to quell the rebellion or find help beyond the walls of her own city? Or will she be left to fend for herself against her own people? Only time will tell.

    I don’t know how often I’ll update since setting myself to a schedule has never worked out well for me.  I never know when a bad pain day will keep me from the keyboard or if a bout of depression will crush me so hard that I can’t focus.  Nevertheless, it’s going to be something I’m going to try.  It’s as much a way for me to cope with everything I’m going through as it is a means to entertain the masses.  That said, we’ll see how it goes.

    So stay tuned, folks!

  3. Comicpalooza 2014 Recap

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    Attending Comicpalooza this year was certainly not without its challenges, but all-in-all it was a great show and I look forward to doing it again next year!  Everyone that came by our booth encouraged and complimented us on our work, which was very heartening to hear.  I honestly had no idea how well-received something as simple as a book of writing prompts would be to people.  Although, it shouldn’t surprise me that much because they’ve always been a big hit in the roleplaying communities I’ve been part of.  So, I have a lot of ideas percolating for future books along that vein — in addition to all the fiction I have in the works.

    The stress of the show definitely makes me want to be in a better place with my health.  It was a lot harder on me than the people around me gave me credit for.  Still, I made it through, minded the booth all four days with hardly a break, and helped my husband sell a bunch of his beautiful, hand-crafted chainmaille jewelry.

    I did manage to do some networking with other artists and creatives.  The artist next door to us, Al Molina and his wonderful wife, Stephaney, were great people that kept us entertained with good conversation all weekend.  Fan fiction author, Casey Lore also stopped by to chat for a bit and walked away with a copy of Writer & Roleplayer Primers.  Journalist guru and PR maven, Meredith Nudo came by with so many of her great friends from the creative world, including Alva Coto of Third Planet Sci-Fi Superstore and Jef Withonef of the Houston Press.  And that’s just a tiny sampling of all the great people and contacts I made as a writer!

    There are a few things I’d do differently (bringing more copies of my book, for one) and some things I wouldn’t change for all the money in the world.  It was definitely a learning experience that has given us plenty of room to grow!  Plus, I’m inspired to write more, which is never a bad thing.

    My deepest, heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who came to see us at the show, everyone who picked up Writer & Roleplayer Primers and all those who didn’t make it out, but supported us from afar anyway.  I love each and every one of you and we’ll see you all again next year!

  4. Coming Up For Air

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    For the first time in months, I have enough clarity to make the attempt to write something — namely this post.  Until you’ve experienced debilitating chronic pain first-hand it’s difficult to comprehend.  I know, because I watch the people around me — friends, family, even completely strangers — that have no earthly clue.  It’s made this journey a lot lonelier than it had to be, but it’s also made me a stronger, more independent person.

    I’m sure the burning question on everyone’s mind is:  What’s going on with you now?

    To be completely honest, I don’t know yet.  My current therapy is a weekly injection called Enbrel.  I’m on that for the next three months to see if it’s actually going to stick — unlike every pill therapy we’ve tried before it.  It’s difficult for me to plan anything right now because I don’t know if the pain might come back tomorrow.  Or a week from now.  Or a month.  You get the picture.

    To that end, I stepped down from my scheduled appearances at Comicpalooza because I want to focus on healing first.  I don’t want to meet-and-greet people and fans when my face is covered in psoriasis scales.  It’s embarrassing for me and I’m sure it’s uncomfortable for them.  I also want to have more to offer potential readers than a self-help book.  It’s useful and it’s enjoyable, but people love fiction.

    So, when I’m able, I plan on continuing work on Riftwalker Chronicles as well as dusting off Journey of Excalibur.  Both are stories that I love and want to finish — that need to be finished, my Muse has spoken.  After that, I might delve into some of my old files and do some work with my home-crafted world of Oridosha and resurrect my Tyberan from the verge of fiction extinction.  We’ll see!

    It was good to finally come up for air.  There for a while, I felt like I was drowning in my misery.  With everything I’ve been through in the past couple of years it’s hard not to be skeptical of everything, but I’m clinging to hope with everything that I have.  I want to be better.  I have novels to write!

  5. Siege Mentality

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    Siege mentality.  It’s something a friend said to me in an email today when I wrote to her about everything I’ve been feeling since yesterday’s Rheumatologist appointment.  It’s time to bar the doors of the castle, buckle down, and dig in against the invaders.  Prepare for the worst and however long it will take to break the siege.

    I stand on the ramparts of my castle, looking out over the fields and watching as the invaders pillage and burn everything I’ve come to know and love.  It saddens me and it angers me; I want to ride out and destroy them with every fiber of my being.  But this isn’t that kind of war.  This is a war of waiting and attrition; the Fates alone deciding which side will break first.

    I am alone in this fight.  There are no reinforcements coming, no answers to our horns of war.  Only me and what few faithful knights remain to me.  They rally behind me, my spirit bolstered by their loyal courage which gives me the strength to endure and the wisdom to wait.  Not patiently, but I wait all the same.

    Battles I have fought and won aplenty in my life.  I endured and survived then, as I shall do now.  Though the numbers the Fates have lined against me are many and hope seems to dwindle with each passing day, I cannot resign myself to defeat.  Elsewise, everything I have lost will stay lost and all I have endured to this point will have been for naught.

    So I stare out over the battlements as the dark masses of the enemy cover the world as far as the eye can see.  I cannot know when this siege will be over or if it will ever be, whatever comes though, I shall endure.

    And I will still be standing at the end.

  6. Gamer. Geek. Goddess.

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    RPG-InternationalWomensDayIn celebration of International Women’s Day, I want to celebrate all the facets that make me the woman I am.  It’s high time we started celebrating everything about us and stop letting society stuff us into idealized little pigeonholes.  Embrace being a “tomboy”; embrace being a “gamer” or a “geek”; embrace everything that makes you the greatest and most engaging woman you know how to be.

    The Gamer

    I enjoy video games, even if I’m not really all that good at them.  I think the only game I’ve finished to-date is Skies of Arcadia for the Dreamcast.  (Yes, the Dreamcast.)  My favorite genre, if you haven’t figured it out by now, is Roleplaying Games (RPGs).  I remember tooling around in Dragon Warrior way back in the day, or playing Gauntlet in the Arcade (Blue Valkyrie needs food badly!), all the way up to the present day and my forays into Azeroth and World of Warcraft.

    It’s not just limited to video games, though.  I play a lot of tabletop, too.  I used to play Warhammer 40k, had my own Sisters of Battle army and everything.  I’ve also run the gamut on pencil and paper RPGs, from d6 Star Wars all the way to a swashbucking squirrel in Ironclaw.  I’m even currently playing in a D&D 3.5ed Forgotten Realms campaign whenever we can manage to get our group together.

    I love playing characters on grand adventures.  I enjoy fleshing them out, breathing life into their stories.  Sometimes I’ll even doodle a sketch or two.  Gaming, for me, serves as both inspiration for writing as well as a place to relax, be among friends, and just have a good time.

    The Geek

    Anime.  Fantasy Fiction.  Arthurian Fiction.  Symphonic Metal.  Cooking.  Photography.  Writing.  There are a dozen or more geekdoms I could tack on, because I love and enjoy so many different things.  Not only are they things I can do on my own, but they open doors to finding other people who are equally (or sometimes more) passionate than I am about them.

    Despite the fact that I’m shy, I enjoy talking to people.  I know, I know, it’s a contradiction in terms, but I “talk” a lot on forums or in online communities.  I enjoy sharing and being shared with — when it’s not just some dumb meme or the latest lolcat circulating the web.  I like sharing meaningful conversations about things that we’re passionate about and the things that interest or entertain us.

    I like it when people feel excited about the things they’re geeky about, because it makes me excited for them — and sometimes even curious.  Like I just started watching the anime Full Metal Alchemist – I’m behind the times, I know.  A friend couldn’t stop talking about it, so I had to see what all the fuss was about.  It’s because of that exuberance, though, that I felt the urge to check it out.  It’s how we should all be about the things that matter to us.

    Share and enjoy being shared with.  You never know what you’ll discover.

    The Goddess

    Some might look at me and think goddess is too strong a word or that I might be conceited.  However, this isn’t really a matter of ego.  I love who I am and I embrace everything about me, flaws and all, just like I try to do the same for others around me.  Beyond that, I try to encourage and inspire others, to nudge them toward things they dream or aspire to.

    I am strength.  I am beauty.  I am wisdom.  I am compassion.  All these things combined — at least in my eyes — make me a goddess.  I don’t need to be worshiped and I don’t need people to agree.  It’s just part of embracing all the facets that make me me.

    And there’s nobody else quite like.

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