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Dreamcasting: Putting Life to Words

I’m something of an odd duck sometimes.  I like to “cast” actors for the characters of my novel, as if I were looking to put them in a movie.  I find it helps me better visualize the scene and create the world my characters live in.  It helps me see them with better clarity than just leaving them as somewhat amorphous figures in my imagination.

So, without further ado, here is the cast of my current novel, The Journey of Excalibur – Book One: A Blacksmith’s Devotion.


Jared Padalecki as Jonas

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Jonas is the main character of our story. He's a dynamic character that goes through a number of struggles throughout the book. Naturally, he has to have an actor that's equal to the task. At first, I considered mainstream actors like Chris Hemsworth or even Leonardo DiCaprio, but they didn't really have the feel I was looking for. Fellow writer, Suzanna Reeves, suggested Jared Padalecki and almost instantly I could see him in the role, so it stuck.

The Journey of Excalibur

The Journey of Excalibur is my first full-length novel project.  It is currently in its Second Draft phase after having my first conference call with editor John Adamus.  From that, it shifted from being a single-book project to a potential seven-book serial.  Stay tuned!  There’s more to come.

Just about everyone knows legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table; the heroism of knights and the nobility of a young king.  Just about everyone knows the stories of Excalibur, the magical sword that proclaimed Arthur as the one true king.

Every story has a beginning — and we begin at Excalibur’s forging…